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Set Ascending Direction


Oregano, feta, grilled eggplant, tomatoes, cucumber, kalamata, olive oil, vinegar, lemon herb wrap

Fresh mozzarella, marinated sun-dried tomatoes, arugula, spinach lavoush

Fresh grilled seasonal vegetables, layered with alfalfa sprouts, and tomatoes w/ hummus wrapped in whole wheat tortilla

Herb grilled chicken, romaine lettuce, roma tomato, roasted peppers, parmesan cheese, caesar dressing, wrap

Crispy smoked bacon, leaf lettuce, plum tomato, lite mayonnaise, spinach lavoush (served hot)

Fresh tuna salad, leaf lettuce, roma tomato, sprouts, whole wheat wrap

Roasted vegetables, watercress, leaf lettuce, plum tomato, fresh mozzarella, pesto basil spread, whole wheat wrap

W3 NAPA VALLEY *Chicken marinated in rosemary and lemon, mixed with baby lettuce, ripe avocado, oven roasted peppers, tomatoes, low far ranch dressing, spinach wrap

Avocado, tomatoes, arugula, creamy Italian, roasted pepper wrap

PHILLY BEEFEATER *Tender roasted beef, fresh mushrooms, sauteed peppers,

Set Ascending Direction